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Gilbert have designed a full range of International Replica Balls for a huge selection of countries across the globe.
Introducing the Australia Replica Ball. Modelled on the exact ball used in their international games, this replica ball is an ideal way to support your country in the lead up to the Rugby World Cup 2023.
Nicknamed the Wallabies, Australia have won the Rugby World Cup twice in its history in 1991 and 1999 and also been runners up twice. They were also the first country, partnered with New Zealand, to host this international tournament.
Introducing the Australia Replica Ball – the perfect present for devoted rugby enthusiasts backing Australia. This ball is equipped with a high-quality synthetic latex bladder, ensuring superb air retention, whether you’re engaging in casual backyard rugby with loved ones or proudly showcasing your team affiliation.
Refine your expert handling abilities in the comfort of your own home with the Australia Replica Ball. Crafted with a standard grip and a durable rubber compound surface, this ball will elevate your skills, preparing you for rigorous training sessions and intense match play.

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